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Wall running Parkour at AAPES


You are here... So you probably know what parkour is... But just in case...

Parkour is a non-competitive discipline designed to help you get from here to there as quickly and efficiently as possible. We aim to approach parkour as holistically as possible, developing safe movement practices, teaching kids (and adults) to distinguish acceptable vs unacceptable risk, developing fitness, strength and stamina... while looking cool... Looking and feeling cool is a big part of it, we can't lie!

 Parkour is all about learning to optimise your body by having your environment enhance your movement rather than dictate it, you'll do everything from vaulting, swinging, traversing, jumping, climbing and running over, under, and through obstacles. One of the most impressive sports in the world, parkour has overtaken other “extreme” sports to become one of the most popular up-and-coming sports of today.  

AAPES has world-class instructors to teach you how natural parkour movements are, and how learning parkour can help you face your fears and overcome physical and mental obstacles. 

It doesn’t matter what your current fitness or activity level is – you will learn all the drills and progressions to get you moving confidently, and safely – we’ll never push you to do something you’re not yet ready to do. 

AAPES classes work on a unique 6 week cycle and curriculum, designed and proven to have you moving better immediately.



Every class is different, every class is fun and every class should have YOU in it!

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