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First Timers
Memeberships or Casual Classes


We are not your average gym; we love what we do and we hope you love it too!

  So along with our flexible casual passes and great value memberships we also offer the easiest most flexible membership options around!


Memberships are direct debit with - No lock in's - No contracts - No set up costs - No hidden fees. Nothing

Just email us whenever you want to cancel or pause your membership and it will be processed within 48 hours.


We also boast the most considerate missed class policy for our Active Members!

Any unused or missed classes and open session's from your membership will roll over while your membership is active and are valid for up to 1 year!

So you went on holidays and forgot to pause or you missed a class and didn't tell us!

Don't stress we get that life happens, so your active membership classes will remain valid, waiting for you.


First Time trying parkour?
We recommend you to clear our First Timers Class. This is a 2 hour workshop that will give you access to basic safety and terminology used and to ask any questions you may have.

It is also for our staff to assess your ability and safety to continue to regular classes.





Regular Classes
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